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Our portable optical seed cleaning machine is state of the art. We have a complete set up ready to be scheduled at your location. We offer our customers a choice of precision engineered innovative portable optical sorting equipment to meet today's exacting optical sorting applications. We manufacture and assemble a full range of portable and permanent optical sorting equipment for grains, beans, pulses, spices, nuts, rice, vegetables and fruits as well as non food products such as plastics and other materials.

Portable Optical Sorting
Color Sorter - Front

Once the sorter is properly located and set up, we bring in our field-service engineers from our location to continue the cleaning operation. After determining the proper settings to obtain the desired sort, we mainly need to check periodically to make sure that the machine is staying clean and maintaining the required quality. Our machines incorporate an automatic wiper and or air blowdown system to keep the viewer clean; but in extremely dusty environments, additional attention from the operator may be required. Our portable cleaner has a dust filtration system installed to minimize unwanted dust particles. We have the unit cleaned prior to each shift or before each new large batch run. This takes a short time and ensures that the machine continues to run at peak efficiency. Our portable optical sorter machine can generally achieve a very fast return on investment.